Established in 2020

Life After the Line is a blog, podcast, and forum that aims to educate and inspire others in their pursuit of good health and a happy life. This is a platform for former football linemen to tell their stories and share what’s working well in their “Life After the Line.”

We as current and former linemen face a unique transition when our playing days are over. We go from behemoth quarterback protectors to just 300lb guys after our final snap. We’ve done a lifetime of damage to our bodies during a short span of playing years. We have to unlearn gluttonous eating habits and attempt to pick up new exercise routines. Navigating life after the line is neither simple nor easy.

Community, support, and evidence-based know-how makes the journey easier. We encourage you to learn and engage. To put yourself out there and to experiment. This is both a resource center and outlet for you to both improve and share your experience. 

Life After the Line was founded by Cameron Little, a former offensive tackle for the Johns Hopkins University. He has a passion for storytelling and connecting with others, and he has learned to love yoga and running after his football days. Cameron spends time in both Ohio and New York City. If you’re interested in contributing, publishing, or just want to say “hey!” – please contact us – we would love to hear from you.

Cameron & Friends


Learn as a community about life, health and wellness through the common thread of former football linemen. Empower others to share their personal experiences and engage with others about their personal practices and knowledge.  


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