#008 – Joe Hawley

Joe Hawley is a former NFL offensive lineman, who attended UNLV. Joe played 8 seasons in the National Football League, after being selected in the 4th round of the 2010 draft by the Atlanta Falcons. Joe is the founder of the Hart Collective, a community for former professional male athletes, and hosts two great podcasts, Life After the Game and Quantum Coffee. Joe is also well known for his travels after his retirement, which he documented on YouTube at ManVanDogBlog. Joe has really cracked the code on finding and sustaining physical, mental, and spiritual health and has a special way of being able to articulate and understand complex topics. We talk Joe’s career, travels, and how to find balance in a world of stop & go. You can find Joe’s website and social media links below:

Instagram: @joe.hawley

LinkedIn: Joe Hawley

Website: The Hart Collective 

Podcast: Quantum Coffee

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